Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations

The Federation of Sovereign Indian Nations represents 74 First Nations in Saskatchewan. The Federation is committed to honouring the spirit and intent of the Treaties, as well as the promotion, protection and implementation of the Treaty promises that were made more than a century ago.
Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations - FSIN, Saskatoon, SK, Canada
The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN) is seeking a highly motivated individual who will be responsible for providing technical, research, analytical and information to the Health and Social Development secretariat; to provide written documentation for briefings, updates, and forward planning related to Children and Youth. Areas can include resource materials, legislation and policy. This position is also responsible for intake calls related to child welfare; therefore, effective mediation and communication skills is needed for highly stressful incidents. ____________________________________________________________________________ Typical Duties and Responsibilities: Research and Study  Design methods and techniques for the collection, examination and compilation of data.  Analyze and evaluate data determined by the nature of the research.  Study research undertaken elsewhere and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in application to conditions...