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Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (SIIT) is a First Nations-governed educational institution, one of only four credit-granting post-secondary institutions in the province- and the only credit granting Indigenous institution. SIIT provides adult learners with academic, vocational and technical training as well as services and supports for employment and career growth. Indigenous learners are at the core of SIIT, representing over 90% of the student body.

Vision and Mandate

SIIT’s Strategic Plan sets out a bold Vision: “Through student-focused, market-relevant programs and services in an Indigenous learning environment, we create work-ready achievers and role models who appreciate the value of learning now and in the future”.

In all things, SIIT is committed to maintaining a First Nations focus and is dedicated to ongoing collaboration with First Nations stakeholders and communities to implement learner-focused strategies. SIIT recognizes a broad array of stakeholders that includes students, job seekers, graduates, instructors, educators, training partners, employers, Elders, First Nations leaders and communities, SIIT staff, management and board.

Our History

Established in 1976 as the Saskatchewan Indian Community College, SIIT was created in response to the need for quality post-secondary education for Indigenous people in an environment that promotes traditional ways and supports success. SIIT originally delivered adult academic upgrading and later branched into post-secondary programs.

With increases in funding, SIIT expanded its base of satellite colleges and added fully certified occupational courses and curriculum to its program offerings. In 1985, the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN) passed an Act respecting the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies. In 2000, the Province of Saskatchewan conferred SIIT the authority to grant certificates, diplomas and credits by passing the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies Act- making SIIT the only credit-granting Indigenous institution in the Province.

Our Existing Network

SIIT continues to expand its provincial impact and now encompasses a network of three principal campus sites, nine strategically located career and trades training centres, two mobile job connection units, and over 35 community learning sites.

SIIT maintains focus on advancement of post-secondary education, adult education and skill development for all First Nation peoples through multiple pathways that support student success. One of SIIT’s key strategies is to enter into partnerships to ensure growth, innovation, and opportunity for Indigenous people.

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SIIT - Program Opportunities Regina, SK, Canada
Program Description Do you enjoy working with metals? Do you have excellent hand-eye coordination and an interest in producing high-quality work? Are you interested in pursuing a career in the construction or manufacture sector? If so, SIIT’s Welding programs may provide the training that you need to complete your apprenticeship and become a Red Seal Welder. SIIT offers all levels of technical training for the Welding trade at trade shops in Saskatoon and Regina, SK. These programs prepare students to work in the Welding trade, through a combination of classroom activity, hands on work in the shop, safety training, and industry placements. SIIT also includes the Canadian Welding Bureau Certification required to work on most job sites. Graduates of welding technical training can expect to find employment and apprenticeship as Welders (NOC 7237). They are employed by companies that manufacture structural steel and platework, boilers, heavy machinery, aircraft and ships...

SIIT - Program Opportunities Remote (Online)
Program Description This program is for those who are currently employed part or full time in an early childhood education facility and would like to obtain a Saskatchewan Level 1 Certificate. Our Indigenous Early Childhood Education (ECE) Level 1 program is a three-course program that delivers the basics in Early Childhood Professional Education in alignment with provincial ECE standards. This program includes core Level 1 ECE courses rooted in Indigenous worldviews, perspectives, history, literature, engagement with Elders, and land-based education practices. There are two ways to obtain credit for each of the three courses: Online Study Program : Program preparation plus 3 courses, 45 hours of study time for each course, over 4 months. Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) : If you are applying to this program with previous knowledge and experience, you may be eligible to obtain credits for one or more of these courses through the PLAR process. For...

SIIT - Program Opportunities Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Program Description The SIIT Miyoskamin: Innovation & Entrepreneurship Applied Certificate program will launch in February 2022! Miyoskamin is a Plains Cree word meaning spring, and the ground is breaking. This exciting new program is five months in duration, and will provide you with the knowledge, skills, mentorship, and awareness of emerging technologies to succeed in running an innovative small business. You will learn Indigenous and non-Indigenous worldviews around governance, finance, marketing, labour, and sustainability, through conversation and connection with Elders and knowledge keepers, Indigenous entrepreneurs, local innovators, and through land-based practices. Completing this program will help you define your own entrepreneurship goals, as well as demonstrate how new technologies and traditional practices can come together in innovative ways to benefit communities, businesses, and culture. Admission Requirements Completion of Grade 12...

SIIT - Program Opportunities Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Program Description Do you enjoy helping people? Are you a caring person who has great compassion and empathy for others? A career as a Health Care Aide might be for you. The Health Care Aide program is a full time program delivered as a one-year certificate. Courses and practicums are designed to prepare you to assist individuals who wish to remain independent and in their own homes or provide assistance to those living in special care homes. You will be trained to effectively care for and assist seniors and individuals who may face physical or mental challenges. The Health Care Aide program is available at SIIT Campus Locations. Graduates can expect to work as nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates (NOC 3413) and assist nurses, hospital staff and physicians in the basic care of patients. They are employed in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted care facilities for the elderly and other health care establishments. Most employers require criminal record and...