My name is Nathan Arias and I am from Red Pheasant First Nation, located in the treaty 6 area of Saskatchewan.  I come from a background of a father who is from Oviedo,Spain and my mother, who is from Red Pheasant First Nation. I was raised by my mother along with my sister Sandi.  I grew up on the rez and played hockey and explored  the rez with my cousins as we played Goonie Adventures. I come from a big family as my kokum had 7 children, so I was blessed with numerous cousins who are basically all my brothers and sisters. Anyways, I am fast forwarding past all the typical things in my life story to how IOPPS was created. I will share with you, what I have posted on the business pages for IOPPS Indigenous Opportunities….

One night, back in April 2012, Nathan Arias decided to create a Facebook group that would help Indigenous people find work. He called the group “First Nations Employment Opportunities.” Nathan added around 500 friends that night when the group was created and started to add jobs that he found being posted on Facebook and online at other job search websites. By morning, he was sent numerous messages to delete the people he had added to the group because some thought it was dumb and some were annoyed by the notifications. By the time all the people that didn’t want to be part of the group left, the group was left with about 30 people. Feeling a little down, and not sure if he should delete the group and just move on with life, he decided to keep it and just try help whomever might be looking for work. Well, it was a great decision to keep the group going!!! During the next 12 months he continued to keep posting jobs and more jobs and then even more jobs that he found online. Nathan knew someone out there would find work through his group and he was right, as during that 12 months, people started to take notice of the group. More and more with each day and month, people started applying for the jobs he was sharing and the membership was growing at a nice pace. By around 2014, the group had about 3000 people and was getting help from Tracey Bert, Nathans cousin. She was helping him post jobs and anything that would help Indigenous people succeed. Tracey also brought in about another 3000-5000 people with her connections and awesome posts she was providing. Nathan told her that he would love it if one day people would just start posting jobs they seen onto the group. And sure enough, that was what started to happen slowly but surely. As days went by, Nathan and Tracey would notice more and more job posts being shared onto the group. It was then around the summer of 2014 that Nathan added Nolan Kenny as an admin to also help him out and he obliged. Within the next couple years the group exploded in growth to about 18000 members and it was all thanks to Tracey Bert, Nolan Kenny, Ron Pelly and Gene Ouellette helping this group keep being updated daily with new content. Fast forward to today and the group is now called “Indigenous Opportunities” with 19,100+ memebers and growing daily. We have helped hundreds, if not a few thousand people, find work and get them connected to various schools, conferences or training programs for them to create new/more opportunities in their lives. A company was also born out of this group which is what you see today…IOPPS Indigenous Opportunities! We also have a website for where you can find jobs, looks at universities across Canada, find motivational stories and look for training or conferences. We are growing slowly and having fun doing it at the same time. We are promoting Indigenous people and their success stories, we are promoting opportunities that are out there for people to succeed in. We will continue to help everyone with connecting people with opportunities. I hope you join us on our journey everyday as we try new things for success and our ups and downs along the way. Hai Hai!!!

So there you go, just a summary of how we got to where we are now. I am always looking forward to my next failure within IOPPS, as i know that is how i will be able to bring you more opportunities. Thats all i have now and I will be posting vlogs as well in the future. Later

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