May 22, 2020

Education Leads Supervisor

  • Moosomin First Nation Education Council Inc
  • Moosomin First Nation, Cochin, SK, Canada
Part-time Education

Job Description

MOOSOMIN FIRST NATION Education Council Inc.

is seeking a Part-time

Education Leads Supervisor

Under the direction of the Moosomin First Nation Education Council Inc. (“MFNEC”) Board of Directors, the Education Leads Supervisor will be responsible for evaluations/assessments of all Moosomin education programs from early learning through post-secondary education. This position also supports student success by providing academic success.

Qualifications:  The successful candidate will have:

  • A Master of Education (M.Ed.) Degree;
  • Experience working with First Nation education institutions and programs;
  • Knowledge of First Nation education issues, challenges and delivery models;
  • Ability to use various computer software systems;
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills;
  • Ability to work independently; 
  • Possess a valid Saskatchewan Driver’s License and must be SGI approved for insurance purposes;
  • Provide a clean CPIC (criminal record check); and
  • Possess a strong work ethic, and be dependable and reliable.


  • Plan, implement, evaluate, supervise and report on all Moosomin education staff and service providers;
  • Develops and monitors program work plans, objectives and outcomes;
  • Undertakes the development of proposals, work plans, budgets and reports;
  • Attends and reports at the Monthly Board Meetings; and
  • Ongoing liaison and collaboration with Indigenous Services Canada on education initiatives.

Duties of the Education Lead Supervisory

          The Education Lead shall:

  • Assist the Education Coordinator in determining what services are needed by the community and determine the program and financial implications of such needs to recommend to MFNEC board of directors;
  • Ensure that formal needs analysis presentations are submitted as needed each fiscal year;
  • Keep the Education Board formally aware of such needs and in turn assist the Education Coordinator in the submission of formal presentation to Board of Directors;
  • Ensure provisions are made for routine and formal evaluations of education staff members, and keep the Education Coordinator and Board of Directors informed;
  • Provide advice and guidance to the Education Coordinator and Principal to ensure staff members are complying with their position description;
  • Provide for the supervision of the Principal, Numeracy & Literacy Catalysts, Student Support Services and Treaty Language Culture Catalyst in the performance of their duties;
  • Liaise with parents, parent groups and school staff on educational matters;
  • Work with the Education Coordinator to ensure consistent communication and information is being provided to parents;
  • Undertake to pull together groups involved in education so that meaningful discussions can take place in areas of mutual concern and involvement;
  • Be responsible for the management and control of instruction and, through the Principal, ensure that such instruction follows the goals, objectives and curricula set for the Education Program;
  • Encourage and facilitate innovative and creative teaching strategies and materials so that concepts can be taught in ways that are relevant to children in Moosomin First Nation;
  • When needed, develop program models and related curricula through consultation with Education Coordinator, staff and parents for presentation to the Education Board for review and forwarding to Chief and Council;
  • Ensure that monthly progress reports are presented to the Education Coordinator and Board of Directors;
  • Be responsible for the completion of a Program evaluation report for submission to the Education Coordinator and Board of Directors;
  • Be actively involved in policy development and interpretation to: 
  1. determine policy needs and to propose policy changes development in response to those needs; 
  2. ensure that when a question of policy arises, that staff understand the intention of the policy and the interpretation the Education Coordinator has made of that policy; and  
  3. identify policy circumstance where interpretation is awkward or difficult and to inform the Education Coordinator and Board of Education such concerns.
Maintain effective Three-way communication with the Education Coordinator, principal and school staff; Evaluate and supervise in-school staff by working closely with the Education Coordinator, Principal and teachers; Develop a supervisory program that will encourage teachers to continue to develop their instructional skills; Ensure that the Principal conduct, regular evaluations of all school staff and, where applicable, that such evaluations are completed prior to the expiration of any probationary or reinstated probationary periods; Be involved in Teacher evaluation in conjunction with the Education Coordinator and Principal; Keep the Education Board informed about the performance of Employees; Follow the operating procedures and monitor job descriptions for each job; Promote fair and positive staff relations; Regularly evaluate the Education Staff (Teachers, Principal, Numeracy and Literacy Catalyst, Special Education, Treaty Language Program and Second Level Service Providers). Uphold, observe and control personnel and human resources policies of the Education Program. In cases where the policy is not clear or where it does not apply, the Education Lead is to proceed only upon the formal instruction of the Education Coordinator and Board of Directors; Adhere to education Policy Manual policies when dealing with any disciplinary action or suspension of staff; Pursue consultations with Federal and Provincial agencies when specifically asked to do so by the Education Coordinator and Education Board; Ensure that a five-year projection on student, teacher and capital needs is maintained and annually updated; Assist school administrators on maintaining a database with student profiles including information about attendance, performance and trends; and Assist the Education Board in establishing a five-year budget and conducting annual reviews.

Please apply in writing by submitting a covering letter, detailed resume, copy of Driver’s License and CPIC to:

Cora Bird, Board Chair

Moosomin First Nation Education Council Inc.

P.O. Box 98

Cochin, SK S0M 0L0

Fax: (306) 386-2098

CLOSING DATE: June 16, 2020.

Please note that only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.