Aug 03, 2022

Researcher/Analyst III - Children and Youth

  • Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations
  • Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations - FSIN, Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Full-time Nonprofit-Social Services Other

Job Description

The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN) is seeking a highly motivated individual
who will be responsible for providing technical, research, analytical and information to the
Health and Social Development secretariat; to provide written documentation for briefings,
updates, and forward planning related to Children and Youth. Areas can include resource
materials, legislation and policy. This position is also responsible for intake calls related to child
welfare; therefore, effective mediation and communication skills is needed for highly stressful

Typical Duties and Responsibilities:
Research and Study

 Design methods and techniques for the collection, examination and compilation of data.
 Analyze and evaluate data determined by the nature of the research.
 Study research undertaken elsewhere and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in
application to conditions prevailing in the subject under research.
 Consult with academic and professional authorities concerning problems encountered in
 Provide analysis on new and/or revisions to current legislation and policies that relate to
the promotion, enhancement and implementation of the Treaty Rights or related
department initiatives.
 Analyze work of other researchers and provide an overview/report.
 Ensure analysis and development of briefings, work plans, terms of reference and guiding
 Assist to ensure those engaged in legal and historical documentary/archival reports are
properly prepared.
 Ensure that all levels of First Nations government are properly and accurately informed.
 Develop research proposals.
 Provide consultative advice.
 Legislative and policy review at all levels of government - provide overview.
 Legislative creation.
 Identify potential projects for departments based on research provided.
 Develop work plans and maintain effective liaison and communication with all levels of
First Nations government.

 Maintain effective liaison and communication with all levels of government including
First Nations.
 Identify all stakeholders in terms of obtaining feedback and input on working being done.
 Ensure all agreements, memoranda, contracts reflect the definition of partnership without
prejudice to culture and Treaty.
 Prepare comprehensive reports which outline and interpret the research, suggest methods
for proceeding with implementation.
 Make specific recommendations to superiors on methods of solving problems presented
for research or possible solutions made evident by research.
 Provide consultative guidance and recommend policy and program changes to
Secretariat, Commission or Chiefs-in-Assembly as required.
 Design and supervise the compilation of departmental reports, publications, charts,
forecasts, agreements, draft legislation, etc.

 Professional Degree related to Social Work, Public Policy or Law or equivalency
 Minimum of seven (7) years’ experience related to First Nations issues, research and
policy development.
 Computer skills – Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Internet.
 A combination of education and experience will be considered.
 Knowledge and understanding of First Nations customs, culture and history.

Salary is based on an established grid and commensurate with qualifications and experience.
Only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.
APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY 12:00 noon on Thursday August 18, 2022