Nov 22, 2022

Literacy/Early Learning Consultant

  • Treaty Six Education Council Inc.
  • North Battleford, SK, Canada
Full-time Education

Job Description

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The permanent Full-time Literacy/Early Learning Consultant will provide expertise and support to the teachers and Principals in the member schools to the end of facilitating and achieving realistic and demonstrable achievement gains in literacy and early learning among students in Member Schools.

●    Minimum Bachelor of Education and Professional ‘A’ Teaching Certificate
●    Minimum 5 years of successful teaching experience at the literacy and early years level
●    Preference in knowledge of best instructional practices and curriculum development
●    Possess a current and valid Driver’s License
●    Specialty training in the area of literacy/early learning, preferably at the graduate level
●    Experience as a school leader of literacy, numeracy and/or early learning training and development

Required Skills and Abilities: 
The Literacy/Early Learning Consultant will possess or demonstrate the following:
●    Knowledge and understanding of curriculum based teaching, learning and assessment.
●    Ability to work with and assist classroom teachers and school principals.
●    A commitment to be informed and remain current regarding literacy and early learning programs, promising practices and methodologies in teaching young learners. 
●    Excellent interpersonal skills with an ability to maintain rapport and relationship with colleagues 
●    Must be willing to work as a peer mentor/co-teacher 
●    Must be willing to reflect on current teaching practice and focus on continuous improvement
●    Highly organized with the ability to multitask.
●    Strong organizational skills and the ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks.
●    Self-motivated and able to work under minimal supervision.
●    Excellent interpersonal skills and a demonstrated ability to work with others effectively.
●    Strong verbal and written communication skills.
●    Demonstrate sound judgment in resolving issues/problems.
●    Proficiency in the operation of computers, word processing applications and additional software
●    Knowledge of principles and methods for curriculum and training design, teaching and instruction for individuals and groups, and the measurement of training effects.
●    Must be willing and able to travel.

Supervision of Staff:
This position does not directly supervise staff.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Without restricting the generality of the general description above, Literacy/Early Learning Consultant shall perform such duties and responsibilities as may be assigned including but not restricted to the following:

a)    Research educational and administrative literacy and early learning needs and develop suitable reports.

b)    In cooperation with school principals and classroom teachers, provide curricula/instructional leadership, supervision, and coordination at the school level of the literacy and early learning programs.

c)    Improve and enrich the classroom instructional program by providing support to teachers through consultation, collaboration, observation, demonstration, planning lessons, providing alternate programs, modeling, coaching, team teaching, and assisting with instructional strategies consistent with the curricula.

d)    Give direct support to students and teachers teaching effective strategies to the whole class, small groups or individuals as required in literacy and early learning classrooms.

e)    In cooperation with the school special education teacher, educational psychologist, and speech/language specialist, improve and enrich the instructional program by assisting the identification and prescription of individual needs and helping to organize heterogeneous classes and flexible groupings within classrooms; and assist the setting of standard/goals for group and individual achievement.

f)    Assist in monitoring progress by keeping records and analyzing data for program improvement and student needs.

g)    Communicate and interpret standardized and longitudinal data regarding program strengths and weaknesses and student progress to administrators and teachers, initiating action as required.

h)    Oversee and evaluate material and resources for teachers necessary to implement curricula and improve instruction.

i)    Recommend, plan, coordinate, and conduct in–service training and staff development activities workshops and classroom demonstrations as required.

j)    Prepare and facilitate professional growth in schools by conducting meetings with the literacy and early learning teachers, professional learning communities, or as otherwise appropriate.

k)    Act as a consultant/coordinator to the principal.

l)    Keep administration and school principals informed about literacy and early learning programs in the schools.

m)    Perform additional duties, where appropriate, which are assigned within the scope of employment and certification.

n)    Be knowledgeable and supportive of applicable TSEC Policies & Procedures

o)    Be willing to engage in life-long learning with respect to training and professional development

p)    Conduct oneself in a manner appropriate to a professional learning environment 

q)    Deal tactfully with staff, students, parents and the public

r)    Perform additional duties, as directed by the Director of Education.

Judgment, Independence and Client/Peer Contact:

At no time should the Literacy/Early Learning Consultant discuss, in public, information pertaining to a student, staff or business operations.  The Literacy/Early Learning Consultant is expected to respect the confidential nature of the position by avoiding discussion about any topics that are not formally communicated to the public.  Breaching confidentiality is a serious violation of acceptable conduct.

This position is expected to work independently as well as part of the team within all schools and the TSEC office as required.

Working Jointly with Other Staff on Common Assignments or Tasks
This position is expected to work as part of the Teacher teams as well as part of a larger Organizational Team.  As well, this position is expected to work with school principals, teachers, all personnel and outside agencies in order to meet the needs of the students of TSEC.

Responsibility for Quality of Assigned Work:
The Literacy/Early Learning Consultant is under direct supervision of the Director of Education and is responsible to achieve the quality of work assigned.