I am Rachel Yahyahkeekoot from Beardy’s & Okemasis First Nation, and I grew up in Saskatoon. I have a B.Ed from the U of S.  

I’m an intuitive coach, a mother, and the owner and founder of Living Proof Empowerment Services. 

I offer coaching, Emotional Freedom Techniques(EFT) which is a tapping technique on acupressure points used in conjunction with traditional talk therapy–including psychotherapy, counselling and coaching.  It brings rapid relief from emotionaldistress related to fears & phobias, cravings & addictions, trauma including abuse, bullying, and worries about money, career, relationships and health. 

I also offer 1 day workshops on accessing personal power through self-awareness, which includes coaching, EFT, yoga, and guided meditation.

Healing has helped me to become empowered.  Yes, it’s ongoing, but knowing having a strong sense of self can help navigate life experiences and whatever challenges they bring.  We are all living proof of something, and we can either be consumed by our experiences, or empowered by them; the choice is ours.


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